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Our Services in Germany

Connecting German and Israeli Tech


Market entry in a specialized network

Our market entry services suit all needs: from market analysis to feedback from our innovation hub stakeholders up to complete market entry consultancy.

Our networks in the innovation hubs can give you a deep dive into the German ecosystem, connecting you with customers, distributors, investors and research partners.

Our innovation hubs frequently host networking events, virtual pitches and bring German delegations to Israel. All the more opportunities for you to get in touch!

Our colleagues at AHK Israel in Tel Aviv will be your Ivrit-speaking point-of-contact in Israel. Contact us for more info.

Mittelstand delegations
to Israel

Based on the latest challenges to business models of German Mittelstand companies, we're bringing hub delegations to Israel on a frequent basis. Whether it be industry 4.0, mobility, smart city or cybersecurity - our members are constantly on the lookout for new technologies, ideas and partners in Israel. 

Our delegations are completely focussed on business opportunities - company visits, networking events and conventions are the benefit for both sides.

Fahrräder Strecke

Industry events on site

Our innovation hub events are a unique opportunity to showcase new tech from Israel on the ground in Germany. Our network covers the whole country, from Munich to Berlin, from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf.

We emphasize on more than just exchanging business cards: can we bring the right partners together? What suits best for German industry, tech and Mittelstand? Where are investment focusses for family offices?

Last not least, our services include connecting business with public affairs and research. From regulatory aspects to joint EU funding applications, our partners and business network can help you all the way.

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