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Bringing Israelis and Germans together -
our self-image

Yes to Israel
The German-Israeli Business Association sees itself as an association of personalities who affirm the postulate of an unbreakable friendship for Israel and its people and who, beyond their personal sphere of interests, advocate for the Jewish state's right to exist in peace and recognized borders. They also acknowledge Germany's historic responsibility for the security of Israel and its citizens.
Contribution to German-Israeli relations
The German-Israeli Business Association wants to make a lasting contribution to German-Israeli relations with its work. It is committed to the special character of this relationship and wants to promote mutual getting to know each other, increase knowledge and help to develop common interests.
Peace needs business – and business needs peace
The German-Israeli Business Association primarily wants to promote economic cooperation between Germany and Israel. She is convinced that the economic prosperity of the people in the Middle East is a basic condition for peace in the region and that the economic strengthening of Israel and its neighbors represents an important contribution to finding peace.
Party independence
The German-Israeli Business Association is an association of personalities from all political leanings based on a democratic constitutional order in Israel and Germany. It is committed to pluralism and is itself independent of parties and pursues its goals regardless of current government policy constellations. It does not have to represent Israeli politics, but rather the vital interests of the country and its people.
Helping each other
The German-Israeli Business Association is an association of personalities with different and diverse cooperation experiences with Israel. Only the willingness to make this wealth of experience accessible to other members makes it possible to achieve the set goals. Only the willingness to provide mutual, selfless help and advice makes the member network effective, responsive and successful.

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