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The Innovation Hubs

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Digitalization. Networking. Cybersecurity. AI...

​The pressure to innovate is growing, innovation cycles are running faster, and many current technologies pose challenges for entrepreneurs.

The Innovation Hubs deliver. With a network of insiders, institutions, investors and - last but not least - entrepreneurs from Germany and Israel. Industry-specific exchange highlights the challenges and tasks - we deliver the appropriate innovations.

Industry exchange

The Israel Innovation Hubs have an internal industry network in their region on their specific topic. Together with their members, the hub managers regularly shine a spotlight on current developments: Where are the trends of the moment? Which challenges are the most pressing? What technologies and ideas are needed? The Innovation Hubs see themselves as a discussion forum for internal exchange.

Solutions? Found.

Israeli startups and entrepreneurs are coming up with concrete solutions in many areas related to digitalization and technology. Based on the hub's work list, our hub managers regularly bring exciting Israeli providers to Germany for pitches.

Challenge? Accepted.

As a member of the Innovation Hubs, you always receive the right input on your challenges: in two networking rounds per year, you and the other hub members define the central requirements for which you are looking for solutions. We deliver exactly the right solutions from startups, tech providers and multipliers from Israel's ecosystem - in investor events, pitch events and on-site company visits in the regions.

Once a year we organize company trips to Israel for the hubs - topic-related and tailored to your challenges. We reach out to our contacts, visit outstanding providers in Tel Aviv and other places in the tech ecosystem, and organize networking meetings. Grisha Alroi-Arloser, our man in Tel Aviv, and our colleagues from AHK Israel put together a program that fits every appointment.

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