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Old economy? Really? Hardly any other area is as innovative and technology-oriented across all developments as Germany as an industrial location. Numerous hidden champions develop and refine products that are often world leaders and are often indispensable.

Nevertheless, digitalization and automation always require adjustments in processes, supply chains and production lines. We believe that the diversity of startup innovations in this area in Israel fits perfectly with the high level of the industry in Germany.

Erfurt is a perfect location for this. There are many engines for industrial development in Central Germany and neighboring regions; medium-sized companies and technology providers are working on the production of tomorrow. Added to this is the range of research facilities, universities and institutions that in turn generate new ideas. Together we want to network them with Israeli partners: from the finished solutions that startups present that are already ready for the market, to challenge teams that work on tailor-made solutions for a company's specific problems, to basic research designs, we bring Germans and Israelis together.

The creators of the hub
Dr. Stefan Blechschmidt

Dr. Stefan Blechschmidt knows medium-sized businesses, technology trends and innovation leaders in Central Germany like the back of his hand. As managing director of Thüringen International, he brings entrepreneurs together with international partners - Israel is the strongest focus!

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